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Welcome to Långvinds bruk


This small and peaceful former industrial community is situated close to the Gulf of Bothnia, between the cities of Söderhamn and Hudiksvall. This ironworks was founded in 1687, when Sweden was a great power. The aim was to deliver iron to the swedish armament factories. One of those was located in the nearby city of Söderhamn.
Today the visitor will face an interesting cultural history. The Manor from the beginning of the 19th century, rebuilt and augmented some 90 years later, is the natural eye-catcher.
The Chapel stems from the same period as the Manor.

The environment contains many relics from the industrial period like the blast-furnace, tilthammer, blacksmith´s forge, steam saw-mill as well as dams. These are constructed to provide water power to furnace and hammers. Some of the buildings are ruins today but many are restored, or are being restored, to serve the visitors.

1. Smithy, mill-dam
2. Ruin of a tilthammer and nature path (dotted line)
3. The Manor
4, The Chapel
5. Blast-furnace ruin
6. Coal store, distillery and other industrial buildings
7. Steam saw-mill
8. Grain stores
9. Harbour store
10. Service building
11. Stables, cow-house, office
12. Former custody
13. Caravan ground
14. Harbour for small boats.
The former ”ore quay”

Bränneriet Summer café and restaurant. Can be attended even other times upon request.
Guided tours, to be ordered in advance.


This house is a former supply depot of charcoal. The only one preserved in the community of Hudiksvall. It can be used for various activities such as seminars, meetings etc.


Walk along the nature path that is set in order and other footpaths in the surroundings. Most of the footpaths are
designed for selfguidance with informative posters explaining special features and historical facts.

The local museum is open during the summer.


There are some facilities for staying overnight. Ranking from rather luxurious rooms in the manor to youth
hostel standard rooms in other buildings. The number is limited now but is planned to increase in the future.


A service building is available containing a kitchenette for selfcatering, showers, lavatories, sauna and laundry. The Chapel is open daily in the summer for visits and private worship. It´s also service every Saturday evening with coffee afterwards.

The Parish of Enånger
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+46 (0)650-126 61

Information & Booking

Mats Persson
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Café Bränneriet